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Spend $20 get 20% off! Use code STAYCOZY
2020 Vision

2020 Vision

Do you choose a word for the year? For the last 12 years as the new year approaches I pray and ask God what the coming year will be about. In previous years he has given me words like Hope, Purity, Forbearance, Faith, and Dignity.

In 2020 my word is Vision, and my friend I am EXCITED for this one.

In past years, some of the words I have received have been accompanied by a bit of dread because they were a clue for the difficulties that lay ahead. For instance during the year of Hope I faced a tremendous amount of personal disappointments. The year of Purity, I went through the fire. Year of Forbearance? Spent most of it dealing with really difficult people who required so much patience.

God is good, he gives us what we need because he knows what lies ahead.

So when he gave me the word Vision at the end of last year, a little thrill went through me. As a photographer, vision is not only precious but also extremely meaningful to me. I am a visual artist, visual learner, and regularly experience dreams and visions while sleeping and waking.

So God, you're saying I get more of that? Seems to be so. He is revealing layers and layers of meaning behind the word itself, while also pouring out fresh dreams, revelations, and visions. I am in heaven...

With this has come a stirring in my heart return to taking portraits. Until now the timing and circumstances have not lined up, but I have been preparing and dreaming behind the scenes for the last two years, waiting until God said go. Well it's time. What better year than the year of Vision to launch a new branch of Daffodil Creek?

So I am excited to announce that we now offer family portraits in the Northern Colorado area! Daffodil Creek has always been about equipping women to create life-giving homes, and what better way to celebrate your life-giving home than to capture it on camera and line your walls with the love you share?

Ultimately it's about love: loving God and loving people. I cannot wait to love YOU and your family with my camera. Check out the new site at to see my portfolio and find out more.

And don't worry, our print shop is still thriving and expanding! Portraits are a new addition to an already abundant business, so you can still look forward to lots of new photography and scripture prints this year. 

I wish you many blessings in 2020! I am full of expectation for all of us this year. Something special about 2020 I think, can't wait to see how it unfolds.

Love to you and yours,



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