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Celebrate Summer with 15% off! + Free shipping on all items!
Celebrate Summer with 15% off! + Free shipping on all items!
Five Secrets to Perfectly Framed Art

Five Secrets to Perfectly Framed Art

Framing seems pretty basic right? Put print in frame. Done.

Not so fast, friend! I want to share what I learned working in Aaron Brothers' custom framing department. These are important tips you need to know to:

  • Get the most from your art by presenting it in the best way possible
  • Improve the longevity of your art so you can enjoy it for years

You've paid a premium for quality art, you've made an investment in the mood and tone of your home, you've thoughtfully considered the best place to hang your art, and now it's time to frame. Make sure you're doing it right!

1. Where to Find a Frame

Online: Amazon, Target, and Etsy are great places to start. I highly recommend this shop for rustic barn wood frames:

In Store: Michael’s, Aaron Brothers, and Hobby Lobby have great selections of frames, and great custom framing departments. Of the three, Michael’s seems to have the best selection of sizes and styles. (Useless side note: Did you know Michael’s actually owns Aaron Brothers?)

Tips while shopping:

  • Bring your print! You'll be able to hold the frame up to the print to visualize them together. Experiment with combinations you wouldn't normally consider.
  • Find natural light. Nasty fluorescent lights begone! Natural light will more closely mimic the light in your home and give you a true color payoff.
  • Stuck? Ask a pro. All of these recommended retailers have custom framing departments with professionals on hand to assist you.

2. My next tip is the most important thing you need to know to ensure the longevity of your print.

I have so much more to share on this topic, so I put together a handy 10 page guide with all five of my need-to-know tips, a printable size chart, plus a bonus hanging tip that will change your life. 

Download the Full Guide Here

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