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Happy Fall! Enjoy free shipping on every order
Desert Season

Desert Season

What an interesting summer it has been. As God's timing would have it, the desert season here in the foothills has coincided with a personal desert season in my life. He is certainly a poet! 

My husband, who has been suffering through is own desert season for the past year, decided to make a career change that has required him to be away training for six months. When he left the Army I thought our long separations were over but, never say never friends.  

He departed at the beginning of June and I was left here in the middle of the desert with two small children on summer break, a business to run, and a broken heart that missed my best friend.

It hasn't been the best of times.

BUT - and there is always a but, a therefore, a nevertheless - even though it has been very hard, it has also been very GOOD. Have you ever noticed that hard and good often go together?

My camera was my therapy this summer. I took it everywhere, documenting our  activities as well as my surroundings. I love photography because as I seek the beauty around me, it forces me to fall in love with not only the place I'm in, but the season I'm in.

And so out of this came some really lovely portraits of my children and some new pastel toned shots of cacti, succulents and even some butterflies!

The desert itself certainly has an austere beauty, and I have come to realize so has this season of our lives. I know this six months will pass, and I am thankful that I will have some beautiful things to show for it.


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