Daffodil Creek

Farmhouse Hydrangeas

Farmhouse Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas. Like little clusters of blutterflies ready to take flight. If ever I were to name a spirit flower, these would be it.

As we get to know each other better, you'll find I have a creative fixation (um obsession) with hydrangeas. I have to restrain myself from putting them in every picture. They are just so lovely!

On my morning walk I passed a house with the most glorious hydrangea bushes, just covered in thick lush blooms in all shades of lavender, powder blue and soft magenta. I stopped and stared.

Tired of living without my favorite flower, I went right to the store for my own bush. Renting, schmenting! This Army wife will just drag the pot and plant across the country if she has to!

I spent some time with my new muse this afternoon and ended up with some dreamy shots. I hope you enjoy!