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Fresh Start, Even Pace

Fresh Start, Even Pace

Seeking Solace - Ocean Wall Art

It's a fresh new year! I love the crisp new beginning the new year offers, as well as the chance for reflection.


This Christmas was the first time in six years we haven't traveled or had family visiting. I took time to rest and refresh, sleep in, pray and journal. My computer was off for four days straight! Which is monumental for me - I'm always working.

From this time of rest and reflection one thought has emerged: I must learn to pace myself. I've gotten really good at the fast hard push to get something done and have grown too accustomed to ignoring the exhaustion afterward. Burn out ensues and the progress I made is lost. It's not an efficient way to live or do business.


So this year you'll see new products added at a slower pace, but you'll also see more thoughtful designs born of a more peaceful state of mind. I'm done buying into the myth that if I just hustle hard enough I'll get there. Instead I'm going to run a sensible cadence, resting as needed, and giving myself grace in the margins.


Here's to a steady pace in 2017! Won't you join me?