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A Very Clever Tip for Displaying Chalkboard Prints!

I hope you're enjoying a lovely November! We're getting geared up for the holiday season and just cannot wait to celebrate!
Today I wanted to share with you a clever little tip for displaying those chalkboard prints that we all love, especially around the holidays.
There's something so festive about chalkboard prints! But framing them has always bothered me because they don't look authentic behind shiny glass.
Well are you ready to have your mind blown by this simple trick? Just place the glass BEHIND the print when you frame it. That's it! Your print will look like an authentic chalkboard with a cute frame around it.
It's important to remember that your print is totally unprotected, so you'll need to hang it somewhere dry, undisturbed, and out of direct sunlight. But seriously, isn't that trick amazing?
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Enjoy your November! Talk soon!