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Spend $20 get 20% off! Use code STAYCOZY
Mermaids at Sea Ranch

Mermaids at Sea Ranch

Sea Ranch is a magical little beach resort area on the rocky Northern California coast. We used to go there when I was a kid and it was my most favorite place to pretend I was a mermaid and explore tide pools.

We had the chance to take a family trip there with our little ones last December and I was elated! I couldn't wait to share the magic of the place with my own two little mermaids.

Since it was winter, the beach was cold and a little moody which gave these prints a sort of mystique that I really love. 

This was a lucky find! The house we stayed at had a sweet little garden and this gorgeous sign was just hanging on this lovely weathered gray fence. Such a fun rustic print for a kitchen dining room or man cave. 

I am in love with the patterns the sea foam makes on the surface of the water. This also happens to be my most favorite color on earth. Wouldn't this be gorgeous for a coastal bathroom or bedroom?

I love that my family is so used to my crazy. When we're on vacation and I get up while it's still dark, hair a mess and camera on my neck, no one blinks an eye or even bothers to ask where I'm going. They know I'll be back in a few hours with frozen toes and a memory card full of photos.

On the morning I look the photo below I had an incredible experience of God's love. I was waiting for the sun to rise, listening to the surf, praying and just thankful for this beautiful experience. I looked up and there was this cloud heart right over my head!

I burst into tears because I knew God was giving me a visual expression of His great love for me, for all of us. The cloud stayed there right over my head the whole time I was taking photos. Amazing.

But the highlight of this trip wasn't all the photos I took, it was the precious time we were able to spend with Grandparents, Aunt, Uncle and Cousins. I'd say this about sums up our joy!


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