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Spend $20 get 20% off! Use code STAYCOZY
How to Choose the Right Size Art

How to Choose the Right Size Art

Shopping online for art is hard! There are so many factors to consider when choosing your art. 

Do I want a framed print or a canvas wrap? What colors will work in my space? How should I frame it? And oh, hardest one of all... the SIZE. 

It can be a bit overwhelming. 

Well friend, I understand! And I happen to have insider knowledge that can help. 

My very first job was in the framing department at Aaron Brothers where I learned everything you need to know about sizing and how to properly frame your art to make it last. 

Generally, your art should cover 2/3 to 3/4 of the available wall space you'd like to cover. But just in case you're still not sure, I've created size charts that will help take the guesswork out of choosing the right size for your wall. 

Framed Prints: The mat and frame will add to the size and presence of the print when you hang it on the wall, so with prints it's possible to get away with going a bit smaller.

But you can see in the example below, that 8x10 is pretty tiny. Now a grouping of 8x10's on this wall with thicker frames would probably work but an 8x10 by itself is well, sad.

Here is the thing: When it comes to choosing the size of your art, bigger really is better. I know that sounds like a sneaky up-selling technique but I promise you it is not. 

I am speaking from my honest experience in my own home, and also helping many others choose the right size prints for their homes. 

Dinky wall art just does not look right! It doesn’t. Okay so let's take a look at some larger sizes.

Now here my heart starts to beat a little faster. These sizes have ooomph, they have presence, they make a statement!  And they bring the focus onto the beautiful piece of art you've invested in.

Canvas wraps: The Bigger is Better concept applies even more strongly when considering canvas wrap sizes, because they don't have a mat or a frame to add to their size. See how small the 8x10 and 11x14 are here?

My personal recommendation for canvas wraps is that 16x20 is the smallest size you should hang by itself on a wall. Anything smaller than that really gets lost.

Now here we have the larger canvases and once again my heart sings! They are stunning in the larger sizes. My personal favorite is 20x30. It's a versatile size that can be hung just about anywhere and stands on its own really well.

What we tend to do is look at the wall, look at our budget (eep!), and then skimp on the size because it’s more affordable. And then we spend the next few years wishing that gorgeous photo had more impact on the wall. 

Don’t let this be you! Art is an investment that will last you many years. Make it a worthwhile investment and get the right size. Your eyes and the rest of your carefully curated home decor will thank you. 

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