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FREE SHIPPING all month!
Thankful + Grateful

Thankful + Grateful

Ah November! A wonderful month for some cozy fireside reflection.

In my own spiritual journey, I've come to believe that gratitude is a powerful weapon. When I notice my thoughts spiraling or my mood darkening, gratitude cuts through the heaviness like a knife; I can actually feel my body physically lighten.

From my (very limited) understanding of neuroscience, when we practice these disciplines we actually rewire our brains by training it to follow new thought paths.

Sometimes it feels like hard work, much like clearing heavy brush and vines to create a pathway through the forest would be.

Sometimes, the vines and brush grow back and we have to clear the path again. That sword of gratitude makes the job a little easier.

So, with gratitude in mind for the month of November, I designed this free printable in hopes that it might encourage you through these winter months to keep clearing the brush, keep forging positive paths, and keep your eyes on the myriad of blessings God has poured out on us.

This print is my free gift to you when you join the Daffodil Creek family during the month of November. Enjoy!



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