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The Great Cow Escapade of 2017

The Great Cow Escapade of 2017

I love cows. I think they are the sweetest most precious animals. I love their quiet little faces, soft eyes, and slow ambling walk. I love the way they live life - never hurried, chewing their cud in the shade, quietly contemplating the breeze. They just make me smile.

When I get a chance to photograph one of these sweethearts, I definitely take it! I had a unique opportunity this spring to capture a roving band of three adventuring heifers that had broken free of their pasture and set out to see the world.    

I tell each of their individual stories in their portrait description, but I thought you might like to hear my role in this harrowing tale! I was staying with my Mom while I was house hunting and my husband was training for his new job. She lives on five acres in the country and has a lovely creek running through the back half of her acreage.

In the neighboring pasture there were three yearling heifers who one evening decided it was time to see the world. They hopped the fence, broke through a hefty swath of blackberry bushes, and tromped across my Mom's creek. Well since I am the (sorta) able-bodied one, it was up to me to get those gals back where they belonged!

Naturally I grabbed a broom and ran out into the back woods in my flip flops. Because in addition to being able bodied I'm also incredibly clever...

Needless to say, I required the assistance of the neighbors to get these little bandits back to their pasture. It took seven humans, a broom, a red shirt, and an ATV to finally get these ladies home!

Their ring leader, Miss Dixie, was not to be outdone. She hopped back over the fence after nightfall and spent the night gallivanting (i.e. mooing loudly) outside my window. Here is a picture of me wrangling her the next morning. Older and wiser, I donned mud boots and grabbed a larger broom.

The next time I visited my Mom, Miss Dixie answered the challenge by sneaking across the creek AGAIN! This time we thwarted her with some delicious hay and trapped her in the horse pen.

Sadly, Miss Dixie has disappeared since her last excursion and her fate remains unknown. I have decided that I must have cows at some point in my life, if even just to take pretty portraits of them. I promise to get some sensible shoes...

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