Summer vacation is coming to a close here in Alabama. My kids go back to school in a week and I'm already mourning the lazy pajama-clad mornings we've enjoyed the last few months.

I decided this summer would be completely unscheduled. We took a break from everything to just chill (literally CHILL indoors with the AC blasting because it has been CRAZY hot down here) and do very little. 

I made sure to sprinkle in some fun activities and memory making opportunities - library visits, trips to the local farm, donuts, splash pad and a few play dates. But for the most part we just relaxed.

You guys, it was so liberating. 

We ate pizza for breakfast and breakfast for dinner. We watched movies, we snuggled, we did puzzles, we drew pictures, we made forts. We stayed up late and slept in even later. We lived in pajamas and messy hair.

It felt like rest. It felt like freedom.

In one short week I'll get my planner back out and start brushing our hair on a regular basis again. And while I certainly wouldn't advocate living this way all the time, it was incredibly refreshing to let it all go for a season and just relax.

Thank you Small Town, Alabama. Your unhurried pace was just what we needed this summer.