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Welcome to my cottage, friend! I'm Elizabeth - here's a blanket and a warm mug. Let's get comfy and talk about creating a welcoming retreat in your home.

The Farmhouse lifestyle is about cherishing family, redeeming old and forgotten things, and returning to a quieter time when life was simple and the muffins were always homemade.

While achieving those ideals may not be easy (or possible) creating that feeling in your home can be.

I'm here to help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with decor that celebrates a simple and wholesome lifestyle.

Won't you join me?

Let's bless our homes together with grace and peace and a little bit of bacon grease! Let's fill our walls with reminders of what it means to live humbly and love richly. And let's embrace the art of the ordinary in a farm fresh way!  

Thank you for stopping by, my friend! I do hope you'll stay a while.