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FREE SHIPPING on all orders!
FREE SHIPPING on all orders!


Welcome to Daffodil Creek, friend! I'm Elizabeth - here's a blanket and a warm mug. Let's get comfy and talk about creating a the perfect space to welcome your precious little one into the world.

I created Daffodil Creek because I wanted to equip you to do as Deut. 6:9 says, and write God's Word on the doorposts of your home. Walking by the same scripture each day has a way of writing it indelibly on your heart, and that's a powerful thing.

As Mothers, our heart's desire is to bless our children with a solid foundation of faith and see them thrive. What better way to cherish your child than to declare God's blessings and promises on their bedroom walls?

It is my hope that as you browse our prints, you'll find the perfect blessing or promise to receive your little one into your home and begin building that foundation of faith in their life. Thank you for stopping by, my friend! I do hope you'll stay a while.

Warmest Wishes,